Indian Film Distribution business in Malaysia was by and large a monopoly until the Company entered this business in 2003 August.

The Company holds the record for releasing the most successful film in Malaysia viz., ‘SIVAJI – THE BOSS’, the highest grosser so far in Malaysia which collected a mammoth amount of RM 9.86m in Malaysian theatres.

Generally perceived as a high-risk business, the Company adopts a Pick & Choose policy when it comes to Film Distribution. The Company restricts its exposure to a maximum of 5 films every year rather than taking a wide risk on a portfolio basis. The Company closely follows the developments in the Indian Film Industry and adopts a rigorous Due Diligence process before arriving at a purchase decision.

Distribution Rights of any film comprises of rights to exploit the film through Theatrical Exhibition, Home Video and Terrestrial Television for a specified period of time. Under normal circumstances, 70% of the cost is recovered by exploiting the theatrical rights, 20% through exploitation of Home Video rights and the balance 10% through exploitation of Terrestrial Television rights. The success of any film is directly linked to its performance in the box office and any adverse performance in the box office would have a serious impact on its recovery.

The Company has created a wide distribution network for film distribution and is the most successful distributor of Tamil films in Malaysia with a strike rate of 60%.

In respect of blockbuster titles, a film is exploited through Home Video products normally after 60 days from the theatrical release, while a non-blockbuster title is exploited after 30 days of the theatrical release.
The Company has developed a strong distribution network for its Home Video products across Malaysia and markets through the Distributor – Wholesaler – Retailer chain.

Perceived to be a High-Margin business, the Company believes in the volume game and ensures a steady cash flow.
The Company has so far released 100 titles and its Home Video products are known for its Picture and Sound quality in the Malaysian Video Market.

One of the biggest challenges in the Media & Entertainment Industry is Piracy. The Company is committed to fighting Video Piracy and continuously engages a vigilance team to control and minimize pirated release of its titles. The Company does not view piracy as a Law and Order problem and instead views it as a Demand-Supply gap.